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Welcome, readers.

This is a website for book lovers. I love to talk about writing. If you’ve read or heard about my short story collection Women Are Hard to Figure, you know the kind of writer I am.

If not, read along and you’ll understand. I write about ordinary people ordinary like you and me, but also, like you and me, people with hopes and dreams. people with deep thoughts and people looking for happiness—sometimes finding it and trying to understand themselves and others.

My latest book is my first novel Holcomb’s Potato Song and I’ll tell you a little bit about that.

I’ll also recommend some books that I love.

l’ll talk a bit about my writing and about writing in general, through my blog.

If you want to share thoughts, questions and comments, you can do so through my Contact page. I’ll try to respond when I can.

My Books

Women Are Hard to Figure and Other Stories

A moving story of an average man’s sexual and emotional awakening
and his discovery of his full potential.

Holcomb’s Potato Song

A collection of stories that explore the depth, drama and comedy of
the family.

Reviews of My Work

“Literary short story readers are in for a treat with this warm collection of stories” 

D. Donovan

Senior Reviewer, Mid West Book Review

“I couldn’t help but think of the short stories of J.D. Salinger, especially of the similar reverence for youthful visions of the world”

Jon Michael Miller

Readers' Favorite

“A must-read for readers who seek an inventive, thought-provoking, and emotionally resonant collection of short stories.”

Foluso Falaye

Readers' Favorite

 . . . a collection of endearing stories that examine human nature. . .  intriguing and colorful characters . . . an excellent literary work with stories that will resonate with all readers.

Edith Wairimu

Readers' Favorite

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Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Why do I write about ordinary people? Because all lives are fascinating; we just need to take the time to get to know them.

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