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In Women Are Hard to Figure, author Peter Obourn explores the depth, drama and comedy of the family, and, with warmth and humor, reminds us of our capacity to cope with and enjoy the fullness of life.

The seventeen quiet, accessible stories, all recently published in literary journals, paint the poignant scenes of life, such as:

  • A little girl’s innocence and devotion guiding her father through his years in prison
  • The love of a newborn child, and how it can hold a family together
  • How a shirt button can save a life
  • The pain and joy of young love
  • How men can be predictably amusing, women bewildering

Insightful, funny, and touching, Women Are Hard to Figure is a literary testament to the mystery and wonder of everyday life, the preciousness of the present moment, and the imagination that lies beyond.

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Ordinary People

Ordinary People

Why do I write about ordinary people? Because all lives are fascinating; we just need to take the time to get to know them.

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